Akashic Records
Level II

If you have taken the Level 1 training of the Akashic Records with me, you know and have experienced the deep connection that happens when going into your own Akashic Records. In the Level 2 training, we amplify this connection by learning to access and read the Akashic Records of other people, animals, nature, and more. Your ability to receive more, to perceive more will be enhanced because you are now not only focusing on the self but something external.  This allows you to go much deeper into the Akashic Records, opening for yourself doors and portals that will facilitate a deeper connection with your own Akashic Records.  You will learn additional Grace Points to be able to share them with your clients and others to find and follow the thread of any issue that is presented to you.  We will go deeper into the Art of Questioning as it is now a very important aspect so you can properly guide possible clients in their healing process. 

During this training you will...

  • Receive a new sacred prayer that will allow you to open the records of other people, places, and things

  • learn the additional Grace Points and their use

  • go deeper into the Art of Questioning